Demonstrating the diversity of interview
panels for software engineering roles
The Breakdown
We already know about the overall diversity issue in tech. Many companies are made up of predominantly white or white-presenting men.

During my most recent job search, I interviewed with more companies in one single stretch of time than ever before.

I found that - even when my recruiter would discuss the diversity of the team in an initial call - my interviewers would still be mostly or all white men.

I decided to start tracking some diversity data of my interviewers. This data includes any interview past a first recruiter call. Hiring manager screens are included. Shadowers are included.

This project is meant to beg the question: why are diverse folks not as featured in the interview process?

The hope is that the data challenges companies to reflect on the diversity of their interview panels.
Total Interviewers
Interview Panel Diversity
Note: White can also mean white-presenting. Men can also mean male-presenting.
Total Candidates
Candidate Pool Diversity
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